Paradigm Shift

Woohoo! Congrats! You did it! Great job! You’re amazing!

TWU Blagg Huey Library

These are things that each MLS candidate hears after walking across the stage and shaking the provost’s hand.  The next exclamation to be heard is, “Now what?” As this new group of librarianistas have entered the work force, the face of librarianship is about to change.

These new Librarians are so well prepared to tackle new technologies, create meaningful community outreach programs, streamline library operations, and connect with their patrons and stakeholders that information science will never be the same again.

As they enter the workforce in non-traditional roles, conducting research for animation companies, preserving history in digital formats, spreading literacy, and filling positions in library management, these professionals are ready to embrace new challenges and shape library paradigms in ways that have never been experienced before.