New Horizons

This week as I have been browsing Facebook, many of my friends and former students are embarking on new journeys as they graduate from their educational endeavors.

Two of my friends especially come to mind. Seven years ago, I met these lovely young ladies as they began coming to the library as sixth grade girls with limited English skills. They had moved to the United States and were eager to learn and embrace their new environment. I am happy to say that we provided a loving and safe environment for them to visit and hang around, read, get unsolicited advice on their daily middle school problems, and meet new American friends.

As the years unfolded, these girls grew into capable young ladies–fluent in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and moved into main-stream classes from the English Learner Classes. It has been so gratifying to watch these butterflies stretch and spread their wings.

Now, as they graduate from High School, the sky is the limit.  As they pursue their education in business and medicine, I am such a proud (adopted) mama, and can’t wait to see how two shy little girls who visited the library for shelter, and have become confident and accomplished young ladies soar in their new and exciting future endeavors!

Each of us has important milestones in our lives, and those who have helped us achieve them. As I move to public librarianship, I will miss the daily interaction with students, but am looking forward to the new types of contact that I will have with my new patrons.

2 thoughts on “New Horizons

  1. I can’t believe how time has flown! I agree with Staci that they are extremely fortunate to have had you speaking into their lives. Especially during such formative and challenging years 🙂


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