Pet Rescue Saga, an exercise in SATISFICING.

There is a new buzz word in the Library Community: Satisficing. It means doing just enough to satisfy the need without always going the extra mile.  defIt is believed to be a combination of the words satisfy and suffice. At first glance, this may be considered an excuse for simply sliding by.  In reality, it seems to be just the right solution to many everyday occurrences.

When I first heard the word, I wanted to rant and rave and exclaim, “NO!”  We should work really hard to find the exact source that will be the right source for the library patron.  We should always keep the line at the checkout counter at zero. We should never leave books in the back room for tomorrow.

And  then I became addicted to Pet Rescue Saga.  PRShappyJust complete the level. It doesn’t matter whether you get all three stars. Just keep going.

There are times when the patron doesn’t have time for you to do an exhaustive search for the ideal source. Sometimes any source is what they want.  Sometimes it is OK to have two or three people in line if the book returns were heavy and the payroll dollars are better spent getting the books back on the shelf for the next rush of visitors. Sometimes the guest’s needs should be taken care of before the shelving needs.

Each day has priorities of its own, and our job is to get to the next day.  Get to the next level; look back and smile at our daily successes.

Notes: Pet Rescue Saga game developed by ltd.
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