Book Review: Thank You, Goodnight

This is a fun book for our summer theme of Read to the Rhythm.


ashley | While I usually gravitate towards books with a bit of a darker twist to them, I also have a big weakness for books about music. Not to mention I’m a big fan of Nick Hornby and Almost Famous, so I wanted to read Thank You, Goodnight by Andy Abramowitz before I even got through the first paragraph of the description. I’ve read a ton of coming-of-age stories, but this might very well be one of my first coming-of-middle-age stories, something I didn’t know I was missing until I just found it. This second coming of “what am I supposed to do with my life?!” is something I am currently experiencing myself, so this book came at the perfect time.

I think this is a very relatable concept, whether you are a has-been musician or not. I think we all kind of wonder if these are the good years…

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