GMCL-The C is for Community, part 2

12113258_10207938185831761_8983141063648950860_oGMCL’s Leadership Team has been discussing re-branding our library for quite some time now.  In the past, this facility was known as the Temecula Mellman Library, the Grace Mellman Library, the Old Temecula Library, etc.  When I stepped into the role of library manager, I understood that saying or writing The Grace Mellman Community Library takes a bit of time. We decided to go forward with GMCL as our brand, and are talking about using the tagline “the C is for Community.”

This is number 2 in the series about seeing our branch as a community library.

Last week I attended a virtual conference on how libraries are continuing to embrace technology and what we can do to meet the digital needs of our patrons. I was intrigued by the following possibilities: How can we help those with compromised memory?; What specific classes should we offer to assist job seekers?; and What adult programs would enrich the fun factor in our community life?

Over the last two years, we have refined the way we are reaching the needs of the GMCL community. We have streamlined our public computer lab–adding additional space for users to spread out their documents while working, relocated furniture to have ready access to electrical outlets, and re-purposed two under-utilized spaces so patrons could have quiet study spaces, and relocated entire collections of books for easier and expanded access.

As we turn our thoughts to the digital needs of our constituents, assessing the needs and planning for the best fit to provide resources will be a top priority.

By Jean Lovett
GMCL Branch Manager