Book Review: Trick Arrr Treat

Kimmelman, Leslie. Ill Monlongo, Jorge. Trick Arrr Treat. 2015. China. Albert Whitman and Company.
ISBN  9780807580615

A gang of children dressed as pirates embark on a trick-or-treat adventure.

Critical Analysis:
Trick Arrr Treat is illustrated by Jorge Monlongo, and written by Leslie Kimmelman. Kimmelman spins a tale of a group of young pirates heading out to gather their treats and drifts into the imagination of the young group before returning to reality and ending with a surprise. Kimmelman’s rhyming scheme, frequently utilizing couplets and pirate language moves the story along as the pirates make their way through their neighborhood and into the imaginary adventure the gang encounters along their way. Monlongo’s digital art gives a nod to a mixed media styling of watercolor shapes with the sharpness of acrylic painting. Drawing on Manga style characters, he is able to capture easily read expressions on the characters’ faces and body language.

Reviews:Multiethnic trick-or-treaters dressed as pirates conquer the streets of their suburban neighborhood, led by chief pirate Charlotte Blue-Tongue, who wields a blue lollipop and a glowing jack-o’-lantern. “Pirates sticking out their tongues,/ shrieking with their pirate lungs,” reads Kimmelman’s playfully assured verse, which is punctuated with pirate exclamations (“Fill my belly!” “Rot my teeth!”). Lit with sunset shades of pink and purple, Monlongo’s illustrations conjure a cinematic sense of theatricality while capturing the visceral excitement of fully escaping into character on Halloween. Ages 4–7.” –Publisher’s Weekly

Seasonal story time book, good example of digital mixed media, anime style art, story told in verse.

Reviewed by Jean L.