GMCL-the C is for Community, part 3

GMCL’s Leadership Team has been discussing re-branding our library for quite some time now. In the past, this facility was known as the Temecula Mellman Library, the Grace Mellman Library, the Old Temecula Library, etc. When I stepped into the role of library manager, I understood that saying or writing The Grace Mellman Community Library takes a bit of time. We decided to go forward with GMCL as our brand, and are talking about using the tagline “the C is for Community.”

This is the final installment in the series about seeing our branch as a community library.

Over the last three months, I have been developing an outreach plan to meet some hidden needs of our community. We have explored ways to provide for the needs of single moms, military spouses, seniors, teens, and of course—the kids.

Several outreach opportunities have been explored.  We have shifted our teen programming into the community versus having all of the programs at the library. For example, we have a Manga/Anime club that meets at a local bookstore and a Dystopian book club that meets at a comic book store. GMCL has a book discussion group that meets at a local senior care facility.  Our Youth Services staff frequently attend special events at elementary and middle schools, ensuring that the students have every opportunity to register for library cards which enable them to borrow public library books and pick them up at their school.

12113258_10207938185831761_8983141063648950860_oOn the horizon we plan to partner with the Girl Scouts, or other service organization, to provide children’s activities (child care) to run concurrent with adult programs and are looking into creating programs that help with those struggling with memory issues. Each of these forays beyond what is considered to be normal programming and those that take us beyond the walls of our library requires investments of time, but I anticipate the immediate effect in our community will be an improvement in the quality of life for those involved.

By Jean Lovett
GMCL Branch Manager