Monday’s Musing -Gaps in My Education

Have you ever been blown away when you learn something you didn’t know?61q2wzkqesl  Several years ago, I was reading David Kherdian’s book, The Road from Home, and was stunned to learn about a horrible part of history that I was unaware of.  Did my High School History classes intend to leave out the part about the Turkish genocide perpetuated on the Armenian people, did I not pay attention, was there too much material to cover and it got lost in translation?  As a college graduate, and supposedly well-read person,
how did I not know this happened?

Today, my world was rocked again when reading the synopsis of a book that used a word that I was unfamiliar with.  In looking up the word, I realized that there is a lot about American history that I just don’t know.

Isn’t that the wonderful thing about books?  You stumble on a word, look it up, click on a link, and all of the sudden you are in a study on historical or scientific events that framed the world we live in.

If you haven’t read Kherdian’s Newbery Honor book, The Road from Home, it is worth a read.  The target audience is middle grades, but the way Mr. Kherdian shares his mother’s story is nonetheless touching and illuminating. Since it is not a new book, there aren’t a lot of copies out there, but it is worth the search.

Kherdian, David. 1988. New York, New York. Puff Newbery Library, Puffin Books.
ISBN: 9780140325249

Link to the library copy: The Road from Home

Author: Jean Lovett, GMCL Branch Manager