What is NEW ADULT Fiction?

What’s New Adult Fiction?

There’s a new genre in town, and odds are you’ve seen it on the bestseller nothing-morelists or on library shelves. New Adult is a genre of fiction that depicts the experiences of men or women ages eighteen to thirty. The stories usually have a contemporary romantic focus, but they’re not your grandmother’s romance novel. For example, the After series by Anna Todd made famous from the website Wattpad was published in a physical format last year. The series caught the attention of publishers after having been read over one billion times on Wattpad. Anna Todd has a new series which just came out focusing on a different character from the After series. Yet undiscovered authors are utilizing this type of literature to increase their following. In addition, many self-published authors are gaining popularity from this new market in either e-book format or print- on-demand trade paperbacks. Finally, the major publishing houses are jumping on the bandwagon so they won’t be left

These books are normally girl meets boy, and the relationship hits the rocky periods one goes through while in their college or early career years. Some of the relationships featured in these afterbooks can be highly dysfunctional; the genre has indeed been criticized for portraying relationships that are emotionally abusive. It is up to the reader to decide whether these books are truly romantic or if they explore relationships that one should avoid.

Either way we will continue to observe this new genre to see its impact on publishing and libraries. Most likely you will find these books in fiction or romance depending on your library or bookstore’s opinion of where they belong.