Star Wars: More Than The Movies

So you say you love Star Wars, and I’m sure you do, but did you know there’s more to the galaxy than just the movies?

The most common form of Star Wars the average person consumes is, of course, the films, but the whole narrative universe of is more powerful than you can possibly imagine or at least larger than you might think.

The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) and the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I-III) were the brain child of director George Lucas, but Lucas opened the gates to allow viewers to produce as much “expanded universe” content as they’d like within certain time periods in the Star Wars Galaxy. This (almost) free pass sparked generations of texts that drew on Lucas’s films and expanded upon the universe Lucas created, and, what’s more, Lucas was willing to accept these expanded universe texts as “canon” beside his films.

That is, until the Empire decided to cast all expanded universe texts into the backyard to freeze (Read: the joint forces of LucasArts and Disney decided they wanted to make more movies, so the expanded universe texts were made “non-canon” in an effort to regain control over the ever more convoluted story). With this decision, decades of novels, comic books, and video games were re-titled “Star Wars: Legends,” and Disney/LucasArts signed off on the creation of a new series of expanded universe texts that would again be canon.

And so, Star Wars: The Expanded Universe 2.0 was born.