Children’s Books We’ve Read This Week

oddfrostgiantsLisa: This week I read Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman, and Gaiman has done it again. I was enthralled by this book from the very beginning. Odd is the story of a boy who lives in ancient Norway. He befriends a bear, a fox, and a hawk, and goes on a journey to help the gods and save Asgard. Neil Gaiman is an amazing storyteller. I imagine him telling this story by a blazing fire. The villagers are settling down around him, excited to hear the story he will be telling them that night. I think that’s one of the best experiences a book can offer. I can’t wait to read more of his books!

dark_risingDominique: I’ve long wanted to read Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series, and so earlier this week I began with the first in the sequence, Over Sea, Under Stone. The tension mounts quickly as the children at the heart of this story begin piecing together strange happenings and, in so doing, discover that they’re connected. The dark is, indeed, rising. But the children have a wonderful Great-Uncle Merry who has a heart like Gandalf and who joins the children on their dark journey. This is the best kind of fantasy. Thank you, Ms. Cooper.