Children’s Books We’ve Read This Week

Lisa & Dominique: We both recently read A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park and give it 5 out of 5 stars. The book is set in Sudan.

In 2008, Nya has one chore — to bring water to her family. Her first trip for water takes her half a day, and she goes twice a day. (You know the rest.)

In 1985, Salva goes to school only during the rainy season, and yet he knows how lucky he is. But when the war catches up to his school, Salva must walk to Ethiopia to escape, and his escape is at times harrowing for him.

This book reminds readers to be grateful for the freedoms and amenities we enjoy — certainly here in the United States — and it is a beautiful reminder that one person can positively change the lives of many.​

Dominique: I am reading book 2 of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series entitled, The Dark is Rising (having just finished book 1, Over Sea, Under Stone). Though the dark is rising at present, surely good will triumph at the end of Cooper’s series as well (there are five in this series altogether).

I may have mentioned in my previous post that this book has a similar atmosphere to Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Lloyd Alexander. Having said this, do you require further analysis? Probably not. These are comparable books, and if this is one of your preferred genres, I think you will enjoy it (if you haven’t already)!