Peppa Pig and the Library Visit

Bibliography: Peppa Pig and the Library Visit. Candlewick Press. 2017. Somerville, MA. ISBN-13: 9780763697884.



Peppa Pig and the Library Visit is a preschool children’s book based on the award-winning animated British TV series.  With over a dozen books and hundreds of episodes, Peppa Pig has an international following. In the newest book Peppa Pig and the Library Visit, Peppa and her family visit and explore the library.

After reading the same bedtime stories over and over again, Peppa starts to get bored of her books. She searches the shelves for a new book, but all she finds is Daddy Pig’s library book “The Wonderful World of Concrete.” When Peppa asks about the library, he responds that “a library is a place you can go to borrow books. When you’ve finished reading them, you take them back so others can borrow them.”

When Daddy Pig reads the concrete book at bedtime, Peppa, her bother George, and Mummy Pig immediately fall asleep. The next morning the family decides it’s time for some new books, so they head to the library. Peppa is astonished by all the books!

Peppa meets Miss Rabbit, the librarian, and learns the process of checking out books. Since Daddy Pig’s concrete book has been overdue for 10 years, he is unable to check out any items until it is returned or paid for.

Peppa and George are excited about the children’s area, because the entire space is dedicated to children’s books. Other children in the area are checking out books about soccer, doctors, dinosaurs, princesses, animals, and planets. In the adult section, Daddy Pig finds another book about concrete.

Peppa searches for a fun bedtime book. She finds another book about the red monkey, a character she knows from her usual bedtime stories. She knows and loves the red monkey, so she is excited to see him go on another adventure!

As Peppa and George are snuggled in bed, their bedtime stories take them on adventures to the moon, swims under the sea, picnics with dinosaurs, and to high mountain tops.

Critical Analysis:

In the vast world of Peppa Pig, Peppa and her family embark on many adventures. The Library Visit is just another family venture where the reader learns the ins and outs of the topic at hand. For example, Peppa and the reader learn what a library is, how to check out a book, and the rules of the library. This opens up a discussion for parents and teachers to communicate to children the concept of a library.

This book is quite self-aware, as it mirrors itself at moments. The book begins and ends with a bedtime story to Peppa and George, and The Library Visit is itself a bedtime story. Peppa and her brother George end the story with snoozes, tired from reading, adventure, and laughter just as many young readers and parents can sympathize with. Another self-aware moment involves Peppa’s beloved bedtime character the red monkey. He is found at the library in other books and on other adventures, just as Peppa and her family are in the Peppa Pig series. Some examples include Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus, Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School, Peppa Pig and the Easter Rainbow, Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List, and Peppa Pig and the Vegetable Garden.

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The images and characters are consistent throughout all the books and episodes. All the characters are personified as cute, cuddly, and warm animals. The animals vary:  Peppa and her family are pigs, while the librarian is a rabbit. Danny Dog and Suzy Sheep are other children reading in the library. Providing human qualities to animals is a literary tool that adds interest to this story and allows the young readers to engage. The characters are living in a world very relatable to the preschool aged children reading about it. The images themselves are simple, colorful, eye-catching, and conform to the Peppa Pig world.


“Get to know Peppa Pig—the star of her very own Nick Jr. animated show—in this charming storybook.” Amazon

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Review by Amanda G.