Wonder Woman: Warbringer


Bardugo, Leigh. Wonder Woman: Warbringer. Random House. New York. ISBN-13: 9780399549731.


Diana wants to prove that she belongs with her Amazonian warrior sisters, but she A16QegTlUBL.jpgjeopardizes the opportunity to do so when she rescues an outsider from a shipwreck. Not only does this break Amazonian law -risking exile- but it brings illness and natural disasters to her once peaceful island. Diana learns that the girl she rescued isn’t a regular mortal but is destined to bring war and ruin to the world. Meanwhile, Alia believes herself to be a normal girl with an overbearing, overprotective brother. But when the ship she is studying abroad at explodes and mysterious and powerful girl rescues her, she is forced to confront the truth: she is a Warbringer, destined to instigate a terrible war. Both mortals and divine alike are trying to kill Alia to prevent this war, and together Diana and Alia fight for their lives and a peaceful end to the line of Warbringers.

Critical Analysis

Wonder Woman: Warbringer does an excellent job of combining action, friendship, mythology, humor, and relatability.

This novel is packed with action. With armies hunting Diana and Alia, it is no surprise that they must fight to escape with their lives. However, the novel illustrates the power of friendship during these times. Diana and Alia learn to trust each other, despite having known one another for only a few days, because their lives depend on it. Warbringer shows that having a support system to rely upon is crucial, especially when fighting for your life while trying to avoid starting a war.

Mythology, crucial in the comics and this novel, makes an appearance in this novel. Names of different deities, places, and figures are prominent in this book. One of the most important figures is Helen of Troy, and the book mentions her and her story fairly frequently. Although the author does a great job explaining these references within the context of the novel, a bit of prior knowledge is helpful. I personally read about different gods, places, and stories online while reading because it added more depth to the story and provided me with more context. Regardless, the novel is very exciting and understandable with just the information given in the book!

Warbringer is a very humorous book. Sometimes it is easy to forget that these characters are 17 when they are in an epic fight sequence and are awesome Amazonian princesses, but the humor and friendship these characters have remind the reader of that periodically throughout the novel. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat and the humor makes laugh out loud- sometimes in the middle of the action sequence.

The author makes these characters very relatable to the young adult reader. Alia, pressured under the heavy watch of her overprotective older brother, struggles with independence and finding her own course in life. Diana struggles with finding her own identity amongst her warrior sisters. Both girls experience the ups and downs of friendship, romance, and fighting fate.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer is a young adult DC Icon novel that creates relatable characters by infusing the story with action, friendship, mythology, and humor.

About the Author

Leigh Bardugo is the #1 New York Times bestselling and USA Today bestselling author of Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, and the Shadow and Bone Trilogy. She was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Los Angeles, and graduated from Yale University. She is a long-time lover of Wonder Woman. She lives, writes, and sings in Hollywood.


Warbringer is straight-up dazzling, every sentence waking up your senses with a ‘Yeah, that’s right, this is BRAND-NEW, SUCKAS!’ punch.”

—LIBBA BRAY, New York Times bestselling author of The Diviners

“Will absolutely satisfy pre-existing fans of Wonder Woman, but it also readily stands alone for non-superhero fans.”

Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“Wonder Woman is the epitome of a kick-butt heroine, and Bardugo does her justice with aplomb.”

The Bulletin

“Bardugo breathes zippy new life into the story with a twisty plot, whip-smart characters, and her trademark masterful writing.”


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